How To Treat a Sprained Finger or Thumb

How To Treat a Sprained Finger or Thumb

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A sprained finger or thumb is something very disturbing that we can do to us at any time of the day: playing sports, working, doing housework. It is not something dangerous but if it hurts a lot and we see the swollen finger, certainly we have major damage. If your finger, on the other hand, is deviated or broken, go quickly to the doctor, it is probably broken. However, if you only feel discomfort and notice swelling, it is not that bad. Even so, we must treat the sprain well so that the damage is not complex and the pain becomes constant. At we give you suggestions on how to cure or treat a sprained finger or thumb so that it is as less bothersome as possible.

How long does it take to heal a sprained finger or thumb?

If the finger is strained after the injury, the bone may be out of position and may require to be straightened for proper healing. This can be done with or without surgery.

Most maximum broken fingers heal on their own with conventional home care. Complete healing can take 4 to 6 weeks. The discomfort and swelling will go away in a few days or up to a week.

If something fell on the finger, the area beneath the nail may hurt. This will disappear over time as the nail grows. If there is a notable amount of blood under the nail, it can be eliminated to reduce pain and stop possible loss of the nail.

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Home remedies to heal, cure or treat a sprained finger or thumb

Apply ice

Home remedies to heal, cure or treat a sprained finger or thumb

In any injury that produces a limb to swell, we must remember three keywords: rest, ice, and wrapping. The first task we have to do is apply ice on the sprained finger or thumb for about 20 to 30 minutes. The ice will decrease the body temperature in the area where it is implemented, improving blood circulation and swelling at the same time. When the body overheats again, we will see that the swelling goes down little by little.

Remember to wrap the ice in a tissue so that it does not affect the skin directly and avoid irritation. We can repeat it for two days as many times as we want, leaving an hour between application.

Let your finger rest

Both in a sprained finger or thumb and any other damage it is important to let the concerned part rest. It is necessary to understand that good rest should constitute rest and not immobilization. We must perform a specific activity with the finger but evading sudden movements that create more tension in the affected area.

The rest must be grasped for at least three days, on the fourth day we can progressively start to do all the exercises we want. You can start by gently bending your finger until you feel pain, repeating this many times is good as long as you stop the time it hurts. If you see some pain at the end of the test phase, it is also suggestible to use a bandage to help you return to normal without complicating the injury.

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Bandage your finger

Bandage your finger

Only if required, a bandage can help us heal, cure, or treat a sprained finger or thumb. Bandages are utilized to compress the area and reduce swelling. The bandage must not be too snug, otherwise, it will prevent good blood circulation in the finger, it must be tightened in a way that does not allow free flow of the joint, but does allow the expansion of the muscles when contracting the finger. To accomplish this, we have to bandage the finger in a semi-flexed position and the best choice is to use an elastic bandage.

When to visit the doctor

The injury will present with a particular sign chart depending on its hardness, so it is beneficial to be attentive to them. If you feel a very strong pain that does not go away, you cannot move your sprained finger or thumb perfectly or you notice a deformation of it, you must go to the doctor as soon as possible, as it could be a severe fracture or dislocation.

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By using these home remedies you can easily cure/treat sprained fingers or thumb at home without any hazard. You can also use these techniques to cure/treat sprained thumb as well. Let us know in the comment box if you know any other remedies to cure or treat sprained thumb, we will happily add them in articles in the future.

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