How To Get Advantages Of The Banana Peel Before Throwing It Away

How To Get Advantages Of The Banana Peel Before Throwing It Away

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Did you acknowledge that banana peel or banana skin can benefit you overcome wrinkles, whiten teeth or remove warts? Discover the different advantages of the banana peel before throwing it away.

What many do not identify is that the banana peel also has many uses, both for beauty issues and for cleaning the home. For instance, did you know that you can use it to prepare plants, hence increasing their growth? Well, there are many more uses that you can give to the skin of this tasty fruit, so versatile and full of nutrients. In fact, it includes fiber, potassium, inulin, vitamin B6 and you can take it anywhere. Discover all the advantages of banana peel!

Advantages of the banana peel

What is the banana peel for?

Advantages of the banana peel

As with several other fruits, we perform to peel them and throw the peel in the garbage because we believe it is worthless. But by throwing away the banana peel, you will be wasting another significant part of this fruit that can be very beneficial for various uses.

In the banana peel, we can also discover many nutrients and antioxidants that can be used for the health of our body, but also your home and garden. Next, we show you the ways to use the banana peel and its advantages and main uses.

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  1. Advantages of the banana peel for health

According to some traditional faiths, the banana peel can be used to take care of our health in different ways. Let’s see some of its numerous popular uses:

Remedy for scratches and minor burns

Banana peel owns a natural oil that can be utilized as a comforting for scratches and burns. Consequently, it is suggested to scrub the inside of the banana peel on the area to be treated.


If you are inclined to warts and want to eliminate them without using offensive products, try banana peel. Before going to bed, stick a piece of the banana peel on the wart and let it act till the next day. Repeat this method until the warts are totally terminated.

Improves digestion

Improves digestion

The banana peel holds high amounts of fiber, which supports to maintain the optimal functioning of the digestive regularity. To take benefit of the fiber, you must dig into the interior of the banana peel with a spoon.

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Remedy for stings

Another use of banana peel is to reduce itching affected by poison ivy or insect bites. To fight it, rub the white part of the banana peel in the area to be treated and neglect it to work for a few minutes.

  1. Advantages of the banana peel for beauty


Banana peel contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that aid to cleanse the face and combat pimples. To accomplish this, cover the face with a piece of the banana peel on the inside and let it act until it oxidizes.


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Among the features of the banana, its antioxidants will help shield the skin and limit early wrinkles. It is advised to use the banana peel, notably in the area around the eyes.

To remove splinters

The irritating splinters that get stuck in the skin can be reduced with the help of the banana peel. Just place it on the inside of the splinter and strip it down for a bit. Then, remove it to continue to eliminate the splinter, you will see how it comes out smoothly and without complications.

Teeth whitening treatment

Another use of banana peel is as a dental whitener since it is a very useful natural whitener to eliminate stains that may develop on the teeth. To oppose them, rub the inside of the banana peel on the surface of the teeth for a few minutes and repeat this method every day.

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  1. Other advantages and uses of banana peel for your home and garden

To tenderize the meat

If you want to restrict the meat from being hard or dry when you cook it, place a few ripe peels on the tray under the meat before putting it inside the oven.

Helps to ripen avocados

Banana peel includes ethylene, a substance that quickens ripening. Therefore, to ripen an avocado you just have to put it in a container with a few slices of the peel of a banana and leave it closed for 24 hours.

To shine leather items

You can also polish several leather items, such as footwear or belts, even furniture. To do this, simply rub the banana peel on the surface to be treated and then wipe with a cotton cloth to eliminate the remains.

Other advantages and uses of banana peel for your home and garden

Metal brightener

The features of the banana are numerous, but the uses of its bark are also various. To polish metals, you must prepare a mix in the blender with banana peel and a little water until a paste is produced. Use this blend to polish your silver or other metal utensils, although you can also rub the inside of the shell directly on the object.

Repel insects

If you don’t want to utilize chemical pesticides that are so dangerous to the surroundings and your health, try using a banana peel. Furthermore, if your plants have aphids and they are plundering them, bury a few chopped husks 4 or 5 centimeters deep and you will see how it goes little by little.

Compost for your plants

Thanks to its high potassium content, banana peel is an exceptional fertilizer to make plants grow quicker. To do this, crush the peels together with the pulp with the help of a fork and bury them around the seed.

To make homemade fertilizer

Eventually, and after giving them the use you need, you can put the banana peel in a box to fertilizer with other remains of organic waste. The banana peel is easy to decompose and replenishes vital nutrients to the soil.

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