Facial Yoga: The New Trend To Look Younger

Facial Yoga: The New Trend To Look Younger

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Facial yoga benefits us by the tone of the muscles of the face. Further to resisting wrinkles, it enhances circulation and reduces toxins. Its diverse benefits can be secured at night, once the everyday routine is over. In this article of Health Fuller, we will tell you the benefits, and exercises of facial yoga to look younger. Let’s start!

Facial yoga consists of a set of exercises practiced to tone the muscles of the face, reversing, or limiting the results of aging. In this understanding, stretches and massages are performed concentrated on the muscles associated with the movements and expressions of the face.

The age of 30 is the ideal to start facial yoga. At that point, the muscles are not faded and they respond quickly. By all means, at any age, it will always bring us advantages, because it is nevermore too late for physical activity.

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Benefits of practicing facial yoga

Over time, the muscles lose flexibility due to the reduction in collagen. This makes the muscles and skin weaken and expose a flabby appearance, with wrinkles. There are numerous ways to limit or prevent it and one of them is exercise.

As with the rest of the body, if the tissues of the face are not exercised they also lose tone and strength. For this, we have the benefit of facial yoga. Let’s see what are the benefits obtained from your practice.

Fight to sag

Doing a regular facial yoga exercise habit will stimulate the muscles of the face. This preserves muscle tone and stability, as well as enhances the features of the skin.

On the other hand, the reduction of hydration influences the decline of flexibility. But yoga can improve moisturizers absorb more competently, with all the advantages that come with it.

Provides flexibility

Dry skin is a potential symptom of the disease. And if it is flabby, it indoctrinates to the presence of wrinkles. On the opposite, the more flexible the skin, the softer it will look, limiting the appearance or warning of the symptoms of aging.

To the extent that facial yoga controls the elasticity of the skin, not only wrinkles are diminished, but they are even reduced. And it is that this method benefits us to free ourselves of the tension that grows and is visible in the face.

Strengthens muscles

Weak tissues and skin with a not very sleek appearance are a difficult pairing to separate. But the opposite is also true: firm tissues are linked with firm, tight, flexible-looking skin. With facial yoga, the tissues of the face are formed so that the skin stays in place. No sagging, and no fat. [1]

Stimulates facial circulation

Most of these benefits that we have discussed are due to a major fact: facial yoga develops blood circulation through the face. This converts into infinite benefits linked to the fact that the tissues are better oxygenated, as well as intensifying the removal of toxins.

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Facial yoga exercises

There are a lot of facial yoga exercises, concentrating the work on particular areas to firm the skin and tissues of the face and even the neck. Preferably, you should implement this method in front of a mirror wearing comfortable clothing. Let’s get started.

Neck strengthening

Stand firm, looking straight forward. Twist your head to the right, not too fast and not too slow. Once your chin is in order with your shoulder, turn your head back slightly and keep the posture for 10 seconds. Return to the opening point and now the movement should be to the left. Do this 4 times for each side.

Another exercise that you can perform for the jaw, but that offers to tone the neck, is the following. Looking straight forward, you put your fingertips on the top of the neck or, in other terms, under the ears. As you push your fingers down, you turn your head back.

These facial yoga exercises help you boost and tone tissues while firming the skin on the neck, encouraging to decrease wrinkles that develop over time and sagging.

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Facial oval

The facial oval includes the chin area, including what we call the chin, which seldom becomes a double chin. To practice the facial oval, you must work particularly on that portion of the jaw where we sense the pressure when biting.

To start, we are going to smoothly pinch the skin below the chin using the thumb, index, and middle fingers. This is performed with both hands, pressing first a little and then outwards. Repeat three times.

Another exercise for this section is performed with the thumbs, pushing and driving them onward the jaw, from the ears to the chin. Repeat three times as well. These are exercises that benefit you to release the pressure produced by fatigue and stress.

Tone cheekbones with facial yoga exercise

When the skin of the cheekbones becomes weak, those lines identified as wrinkles or nasolabial folds point to be marked. To tight the cheekbones, the exercise exists of filling out the cheeks with air, penetrating many times with the fingertips, and then smoothly letting the air out, counting to ten.

Eye shape

Eye shape facial yoga exercise
Exercises for the face are perfect at age 30 when the skin is capable to respond in the most suitable way.

Nearby the eye, the joint is one of the sections of the face where wrinkles are most prominent, particularly the alleged crow’s feet. But, there are numerous facial yoga exercises to accommodate you with the reduction of wrinkles in the eyes.

One of the certain exercises consists of using pressure on the outline of the eyeball, making it like glasses with the index fingers and thumb of both hands. With these glasses, you attempt to tighten the skin while flickering about 10 times. Then the pressure is released and repeated 3 more extra times.

A more focused exercise on crow’s feet consists of placing the fingertips (index and middle) on the temples, pushing them towards the ears while opening the mouth wide.

Decrease expression lines

Whether on the chin, on the cheeks, or at the edges of the lips, other lines of expression on the face can also be softened, improved, or limited with a little facial yoga exercise.

You can perform these yoga facial exercises for these purposes: lower lip inward, covering the lower teeth, put his mouth as if he were drawing one O. Now try to smirk. Repeat this many times. A modification of the same exercise is to put your fingertips on your chin and attempt to move your jaw from top to bottom. Then you turn your head back.

Relaxation exercises

To complete your daily facial yoga cycle, do a relaxation massage. Utilize your fingertips to massage your face, creating soft pressure and circles from the lower jaw to the nape of the neck.

Then gently touch the face with the fingers and pads. Rub your palms mutually and, when they are warm, put them above your closed eyes with slight pressure. All of this must be followed by deep breaths.

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Facial yoga is an exercise to prevent aging

Exercising is a familiar practice to tone the body, but we must not neglect the tissues of the face. Facial yoga provides numerous benefits: it serves to give elasticity to the skin and tones, improves circulation, fights wrinkles, and eliminates toxins.

The most beneficial thing is that it can be made in a very easy way and it takes us only a few minutes a day. Although it can be performed by people of all ages, it is suggested to start before age 30 for best outcomes.

The perfect time is at the end of the day to accommodate us to relax from the tension of everyday life. Finally, do not misremember that in facial yoga and in everything you do, the key to success is determination.

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