Elderberry Syrup: Benefits, Precautions, and Preparation

Elderberry Syrup: Benefits, Precautions, and Preparation

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Elderberry syrup is a natural product with elements that support to treatment of the symptoms of colds. What additional benefits does it bring? How do you prepare? Find out!

What is elderberry syrup?

Elderberry syrup is a mixture made from the fruit of this plant. The elderberry (Sambucus nigra ) is a tree that is between 4 and 5 meters tall. It has brownish leaves and yellowish-green flowers. The fruit is dark, of a purplish color, almost black.

Its leaves, its flowers, and its fruits are used for remedial purposes, in classical botany. In particular, elderberry syrup has been utilized to handle diseases of the respiratory tract. What more is it for? How do you prepare? Keep reading!

Elderberry syrup benefits

Elderberry syrup benefits
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The chemical combination of the elderberry flowers, plant, and fruits has not been fully defined. But, various nutrients (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals, and vitamins) and compounds such as the following have been identified:

  • Cyanogenetic glycoside (cyanide generator)
  • Alkaloids
  • Flavonoids
  • Polyphenols
  • Citric acid

You can utilize elderberry syrup as an adjuvant to fight various symptoms connected with the respiratory tract. For example, when there is an expansion in the asthma attack, mucous secretion, cough, blocked nose, laryngitis, among others.

In several studies, it has tried to check the effectiveness of this preparation for the therapy of various diseases. Patients with influenza indications, who experienced daily doses of the product, showed signs of recovery, even without other sorts of medication.

Other studies recommend that this plant can also be utilized as a support agent against the usual cold. People who had to take continental air travel and absorbed elderberry extract, on average, were less likely to undergo from colds. Furthermore, the duration of the same, as well as the severity of the symptoms, was apparently less.

As if that were not sufficient, recent research has discovered antibacterial, antitumor, antiviral, antilipidemic, and even antidepressant characteristics in elderberry.

Therefore, it is expected that this plant and its fruit have potential as a supplement for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, various metabolic dysfunctions, and even urinary system obstacles.

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Precautions on the consumption of elderberry syrup

Precautions on the consumption
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According to the aforementioned, elderberry syrup seems not only to be effective but also safe and even beneficial for the treatment of various diseases. However, all of these conclusions have yet to be confirmed in larger studies and the dangers and potential side effects of their use have also to be estimated.

In this sense, you have to be cautious when absorbing elderberry syrup, and not overdo the indicated doses. Higher doses can have severe effects, as, for example, elderberry is also a powerful laxative, as well as a strong diuretic. So do not mix it with other products or drugs with related effects.

Furthermore, consuming green berries or uncooked flowers can induce vomiting, nausea, even severe poisoning. Both the skin and the seeds, and the fruits when they are green, hold substances known as lectins, which can provoke stomach problems.

Nor should it be ignored that the branches, roots, leaves, and seeds are possibly toxic, due to the mentioned cyanogenetic glucoside. In allergic people, breathing or rashes obstacles may happen after consuming a product with an elderberry or coming into touch with the plant.

We do not endorse elderberry for children and adolescents, pregnant or lactating women. Although there is no data to assure that it is dangerous, there is no data to prove that its consumption is safe. Therefore, if you are pregnant or nursing, avoid products with elderberry.

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Preparation of elderberry syrup

Preparation of elderberry syrup
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You can buy ready-made elderberry syrup. However, it is relatively easy to do. Of course, due to the effects explained in the previous section, it is necessary to be careful when preparing.

The main ingredient is elderberries. They can be utilized fresh or dried. The latter, you can found in markets or herbalists. On the other hand, the fresh ones you can collect in the garden, as long as the plant and the ripe fruit are identified. You also have to take precautions in this regard, as there are similar plant species, but they are toxic.


  • 2 cups of berries (if dried) (400 g)
  • 4 cups of water (1 liter)
  • 1 cup of honey (250 g)
  • Ginger root (20 g).
  • Cinnamon, vanilla, or cardamom to taste.

Optionally you can add a cup of an alcoholic beverage, such as vodka; although this should not be done if the syrup is for children

Preparation process

  • Put berries, ginger, and cinnamon (vanilla or cardamom) on the fire together with the water, preferably in a ceramic or glass container.
  • Once it boils, reduce the flame and keep it on low heat for 45 minutes.
  • Now remove the pot and left to rest, until cool.
  • Then strain it, using a soft cloth. Now mix the resulting liquid with the honey and the alcoholic drink, if applicable.
  • Finally, store it in a sterilized glass bottle. Store this syrup in a cool and dry place.

Take elderberry syrup in moderation

Some natural products and recipes are traditional, without scientific verification. This is not the case with elderberry syrup, concerning which research already recognizes its virtues and properties.

In any case, it is a product that should be used in moderation, since in excess it can have counterproductive effects. Besides, it is only a compliment when it comes to calming the symptoms of diseases. Since this syrup is not yet considered a first-line treatment.

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