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7 Tricks That Will Make You Look Taller

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To look taller it is not necessary to resort only to heels. In fact, other tricks can help you create the illusion in a very easy way, without having to try too hard. Surely, some of you already put them into practice without realizing it.

Once you know them all, you can get the most out of them and look slim and fabulous. So there will be no more excuses or complaints about low heels that are worth mentioning.

Short girls want to gain a few more inches to show off their outfits with the perfect balance. To achieve this, you don’t only have to resort to heels or platforms, you have to adopt a series of measures so that, when joined in the same image, the visual effect is impeccable. After all, it is impossible to spend your life only in heels. In healthfuller.com we will share with you 7 tricks that will make you look taller. Let’s start!

7 tricks to look taller

1: Take advantage of combinations of colors and patterns

look taller
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The first of the tricks that we can put into practice to look taller has to do with the clothes we use and, especially, with a certain aspect of their design: the color and the pattern. The unicolor garments are a success in this regard both in basic colors (black, white, beige, gray, navy blue, etc.) and others. An outfit composed of two unicolor pieces will undoubtedly make the legs and torso look taller and slimmer.

Now, when it comes to prints, the ones that favor short girls the most are the little ones. What do we mean by this?

For example, among the floral prints, it is better to opt for those that have small flowers to show off with less volume and more length. Be careful, it is not about ruling out large flowers forever, but about knowing which is the best option.

Another issue to keep in mind when it comes to clothing is striped designs. This will become your rule of thumb: vertical stripes will make you look taller, while horizontal stripes will accentuate your curves. Then, it is best to opt for pieces with fine stripes, lines, and stripes and in a vertical direction.

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2: Find the most flattering footwear

Find the most flattering footwear
Sandals, heels, platforms, and flats that meet this pair of characteristics will help us “gain” a few more inches in height. |www.Healthfuller.com Images|

When it comes to what can be the most flattering footwear for short girls, we have those shoes that show the instep and end in a point. Sandals, heels, platforms, and flats that meet this pair of characteristics will help us “gain” a few more inches in height without having to try too hard. Remember the more open the “neckline” of the shoe, the better for you.

3: Always wear the correct size to look taller

Always wear the correct size to look taller
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Do not wear clothes that are long or that are excessively baggy or tight because you will achieve the opposite effect. Instead of gaining inches, you will shorten the length of your legs and trunk. Always look for clothes that have the ideal side and that fit, preferably, at the waist.

On the other hand, it is best to play a bit with the asymmetry of the garments to lengthen the figure.

4: Highlight and elevate the waist to look taller

Make use of belts and pieces that define your waist very well. This way, you will balance the scales in your favor with any outfit. Of course, the belts should preferably be thin and with fine and delicate buckles. Wide belts with very noticeable buckles will subtract centimeters.

5: Instead of tiny bags… medium and large bags!

Instead of tiny bags… medium and large bags!
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Small bags should be avoided as much as possible, as they tend to make you look smaller. On the other hand, medium and large-sized bags will help you balance your outfit much more easily. And because? because a large bag diverts attention a bit from the “main” focus and breaks with the silhouette. So use medium or large bags to look taller.

6: Neither Rapunzel’s hair nor very short cuts

Neither Rapunzel's hair nor very short cuts
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Another “accessory” that you should take into account when setting up your outfits is hair. Believe it or not, an inappropriate haircut (both for the face and for our height) can subtract points when it comes to shining. And when it comes to looking taller, a surefire trick is to always go the middle ground; that is, neither extremely long manes nor too short haircuts.

7: Identify and take advantage of the short girls’ best friends

Short girls’ best friends are blouses and dresses with a V-front neckline, as well as clothing with opposite lengths – maxi and miniskirts and dresses. All these types of garments lengthen your physical characteristics (especially the neck and legs) and manage to make you gain a few centimeters.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know what the tricks to look taller are, don’t wait any longer and start taking advantage of them. We also encourage you to combine your outfits based on these little tricks on any occasion. You will surely start to look better than ever and receive many more compliments.

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