Foods That Are Not Good For Your Sex Life

3 Foods That Are Not Good For Your Sex Life

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Many foods are not good for your sex life. They can influence the normal functioning of hormone production systems, which transforms libido and the quality of relationships.

You must know what these foods are that are not good for your sex life so that you eliminate them from the usual diet or moderate their consumption. Next, we are going to present to you the 3 most relevant ones, but there are more.

3 Foods to Avoid for Good Sexual Health

We will concentrate, therefore, on the 3 foods that you should not consume routinely. Not only do they negatively affect your sex life, but they also pose a general health risk.

Therefore, the recommendations that we will give you here serve beyond the specifics related to sexuality. Incorporating these guidelines will improve other body systems, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.

  1. Avoid alcohol to have a better sex life

Foods That Are Not Good For Your Sex Life
Alcohol is a toxic substance in various aspects, affecting sexual and hormonal life. | Images|

A few years ago there was a recommendation for the consumption of certain alcoholic beverages, such as wine. Because of its supposed ability to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease. At present, that theory is discarded and in retrograde.

It is known for sure that alcohol is a toxic substance capable of causing problems in many-body systems. According to research published in the journal Nature Reviews, Disease Primers, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is closely related to the development of liver problems, such as the fatty liver.

In parallel, alcohol is a substance capable of influencing hormonal production, which affects sexual life. In men, the consumption of beverages in this class is capable of reducing the genesis of testosterone. The genesis of testosterone negatively affects libido.

The experts recommend not consuming alcohol regularly to avoid problems, such as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can improve when certain precautions are taken when preparing the diet.

Recent research has managed to show that the intake of this substance directly affects the corpora cavernosa of the penis. These anatomical structures fill with blood to maintain an erection, so their alteration leads to erectile problems.

However, in women, the effect is slightly different since alcohol increases the production of estrogens. The libido can be increased after moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages. This does not mean that in them it is not a substance harmful to health.

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  1. Fast food

fast food for sex life
Fast food is included in these 3 foods that are not good for your sex life. | Images|

The fast-food is characterized by containing in its fatty acid composition with trans-inflammatory nature. These nutrients compromise the proper functioning of the human body and are capable of influencing hormonal production.

Its regular consumption is associated with an overweight condition that can generate a state of chronic tiredness and fatigue. To enjoy a good sex life it is important to be in a healthy body composition state, otherwise, the mood could decline and, with it, the appetite.

Including foods rich in trans fats, such as fast food, in the regular diet increases the risk of becoming overweight and increasing the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Besides, this dietary habit negatively influences the incidence of many chronic diseases, according to research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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  1. The sweets

Do not consume too much sweets because they effect your sex life
Sugars affect the quality of life by increasing the risk of obesity and being overweight. | Images|

Sweet foods are characterized by their sugar content. This ingredient is capable of influencing metabolic health, which conditions fat weight gain.

Including these products in the usual diet increases the prevalence of overweight, which has a significant influence on the hormonal system and the feeling of tiredness and fatigue. Like trans fats, the effects are secondary to the accumulation of extra fat tissue.

For this reason, we do not recommend the frequent consumption of sweets, if the goal is to maintain good sexual health. In fact, it is preferable to prioritize the intake of fresh food over that of ultra-processed, as well as practicing physical exercise regularly to reduce the risk of developing obesity.

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Avoid foods that are not good for your sex life

Avoid foods that are not good for your bed
Avoid foods that are not good for your sex life. | Images|

As we have seen, certain foods are not good for your sex life. Including them frequently in the diet can put the erection capacity at risk and also the general health against chronic and complex pathologies.

The objective of a balanced and varied diet is to improve the complete state of people. To do this, we must prioritize the consumption of fresh foods and reduce the consumption of toxic substances, ultra-processed and sweet foods with excessive sugar content.

On occasion, you can indulge yourself, but try not to make this a rule that harms the body. If you notice your libido decreasing, try modifying your drinking patterns to stimulate your sex life. If the problem persists, see a sexologist.

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